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EazyQuote is the ideal tool for manufacturers of products with a broad range of technical variations and options.

It simplifies the creation of complex quotations and takes care of corporate design issues.

Welcome to EazyQuote    

EazyQuote is a database driven quotation generator for UPS systems. It can help distributors and resellers to create detailed quotations in minutes.

Especially for products like UPS systems, which offer a wide range of technical variations and options, EazyQuote can help to minimize the risk of misconfigurations.

With EazyQuote, your sales staff will save lots of time and effort and you free you support personell from time consuming technical questions.

By giving EazyQuote to your resellers and distributors, you are adding another competitive advantage to your sales portfolio, because EazyQuote enables even non-experts to create impressive and technically correct quotes for your products.

Support your distributors with impressive bills of quantities

Whenever a reseller or distributor has to quote for a larger project, your support is asked to fill out forms with endless lists of specifications and prices. With EazyQuote your reseller can create a complete document with all neccessary information just with a few button clicks.